Do you know the awesome feeling of being full of energy because of a sunny day, a nice evening with friends, and a walk in the park or just because you had this awesome smoothie bowl? That lightness that makes your day? This is exactly what well-being is: the foundation for a happy and fulfilled being and life. But how can we preserve this feeling of being full of energy? What else does it need to make us happy and content? And can we make this feeling last throughout the day, the busy week or even the whole life?

Well-being not just includes emotions; it’s about our food, our relationships, our experiences. To embrace that feeling of energy it’s important to understand yourself and to find your very own balance between every aspect that influences your well-being: emotions, physical issues, mental and psychological health but also energetic and spiritual facets.

Inspiration is essential, too. We believe that meeting new people, listening to their stories and exploring new approaches open your mind and give you an extra portion of energy. Feeding your mind with new input and combining it with your very personal approach forms your individual story and leads your journey further. This might sound scary first as you might have to step out of your comfort zone but every step gives you more strength and power to change your life and boosts your well-being.

In the following articles we share our thoughts on community living, relationships, the balance of body and mind, yoga and meditation but we also write about traditional medicine, spirituality and energies.

If you want us to dive into a specific being related topic or you want to share your thoughts on this blog just contact us. We’re more than happy to get your feedback and inspiration.

1. the fact of existing
2. conscious, mortal existence
3. substance or nature


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