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Permaculture Design Certificate Course April 2019

  • Gaia Ashram Thailand (map)

Gaia Ashram together with NextGENOA and flowful will hold a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course starting March 31 till April 18. This PDC course is guided by Bill Mollison’s 72-hour curriculum and David Holmgren’s 7 domains of permaculture action. This 17-days course is well-balanced between theory and hands-on; ensuring that knowledge and experience can turn into wisdom. In a community-based setting, we will combine theory sessions and real-life experiences with a good portion of hands-on work.

Permaculture Design Course PDC Thailand April 2019

Why are we organizing a PDC?

The PDC will take place at Gaia Ashram, a intentional community in the Northeast of Thailand that is practicing holistic sustainable living for over 5 years. In March 2019, Gaia Ashram will host the Gaia Calling or NextGENOA Gathering (18-26 March) as well as the Thai Permaculture Convergence (28 -31 March). To connect the NextGENOA movement and the growing permaculture community in the region, Gaia Ashram together with NextGENOA and will hold a Permaculture Design Certificate Course right after the Thai Permaculture Convergence.

How much is the contribution for the Permaculture Course?

We created two early bird periods to for this 17 day PDC course. Sign-ups before February 20 get the early bird rate of 530 USD; Sign-ups before March 10 get the early bird rate of 575 USD and sign-ups after March 10 get the normal rate of 600 USD. Registration closes March 28. Please help us and safe some money to sign-up as early as possible so we can move forward.

Why should you join the PDC-Course at Gaia Ashram?

Join us on this life changing journey at Gaia Ashram and increase your insights about ecology and permaculture and empower yourself to create an abundant garden at your home, in your street, at a school, or in your community! Become part of the growing tribe of people that are creating regenerative positive change for the benefit of the Earth and all her beings.

Facilitator team

For this PDC we created a diverse group of facilitators from different countries, gender, and ages to embrace the diversity in permaculture. The three hosting facilitators gained experience in urban, rural, landbased and social permaculture in different parts of the world and started their permaculture journey for different reasons. Now they all live as residents at Gaia Ashram. Being part of the Gaia community and implementing different permaculture projects will open great ways of showcasing the magic of permaculture everywhere on the land.

What will be covered in the Permaculture Design Course

How to register for the PDC-Course?

Write us an email for further information or registration or check out the link below.

Fundraise for your Permaculture Design Course

If you are interested in a creative way to come up with funds for this course, look into fundraising for it through It is a great way to reach out to your family and friends, let them know what you are up to and give them a easy way to contribute to your education.
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