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Permaculture Design Course 2020 at Gaia Ashram in Thailand

  • Gaia Ashram Thailand (map)

17-day Permaculture Design Course at Gaia Ashram, Thailand

Whether you would like to know how to create positive change on our planet, or if you’re dreaming to turn a piece of land into a self-sufficient food forest, or you’re craving a deeper connection with nature; this Permaculture Design Course is just right for you!

Permaculture Design Course 2020 in Thailand

This 17-day PDC is designed to give you practical knowledge, tools, inspiration, and connection that will allow you to create a sustainable future; regardless if you are in the city, the suburbs or on a rural piece of land. Well-balanced between theory and hands-on, we are ensuring that knowledge and experience can turn into wisdom. In a community-based setting in beautiful Thailand, we will combine theory sessions and real-life experiences with a good portion of fun hands-on activities.

A Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is an internationally known and accepted 72-hour theory course resulting in a Permaculture Design Certificate. It provides an introduction to permaculture design according to the movement’s founder Bill Mollison. We will cover every major topic in Bill Mollison’s Permaculture: a Designers Manual. The PDC serves as a foundation for further permaculture work and studies.

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Get your early bird ticket for 550 USD until the end of the year! Write us an email for further information or registration. We ask for a deposit of 200 USD to reserve your place. This payment can be done via PayPal, bank transfer (to a European account), or via Eventbrite.

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Please note that Gaia Ashram is a vegetarian community. Most of the time the food will be vegan but sometimes we serve egg dishes. Please let us know if you're following a vegan diet or if you're having any allergies so we can plan ahead.
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At Gaia Ashram we have the opportunity to offer you a bed in the dorm (included in the course fee), or a private room for an additional fee. Please let us know which you'd prefer.
PDC Thailand 2020 Permaculture