We live, we work and write flowful.
Well, we are flowful.

flowful  team meeting at Canggu beach in Bali, Indonesia.

flowful team meeting at Canggu beach in Bali, Indonesia.

And we are Karla and Lars. We believe that sharing positive examples, ideas and inspiration can transform our lives beyond sustainability. Each and every small steps will accumulate to a bigger transition. To contribute to this shift we founded flowful.

Karla flowful

Karla is in love with nature, yoga and the principles of permaculture. After a short attendance in corporate life and the art scene itself she figured out that this isn’t something she feels comfy with.

Always attracted by nature, she deepened her connection with Mother Earth, became a vegan and did her Permaculture Design Course at the Panya Project, Thailand.

She now is a yogi, a tree-hugger and wannabe gardener and natural builder who is passionate about natural products, natural building, fermentation, and everything that is aesthetically pleasing.

While her studies of Arts and Culture she kinda accidentally started working as an art educator- and fell in love with the open minds of kids talking freely and bluntly about contemporary art. Karla believes that those pure minds can change a lot in the world. This is why she wants to bring permaculture and the art of mindfulness living into the tiny heads of our all future.

Having experienced the power of community, she believes that community living (in whatever way and with all its challenges) is key for a happy life and a sustainable future. Sharing is caring!

Lars flowful

Lars is an energy nerd and works as an renewable energy expert in Southeast Asia. During the last couple of years he experienced that policy advocacy and grassroot activities are most effective when going hand in hand.

One of his ways to achieve social just energy transition is to introduce appropriate technologies within rural areas; which increases the living conditions and boosts local value creation.

In 2012 he decided to change his life and went on a personal journey to experience a low-impact lifestyle. He switched to plant-based diet, gained first experiences on natural farming in Australia and practiced permaculture for the very first time in New Zealand before doing his Permaculture Design Course at the Panya Project in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In summer 2017, Lars got a first overview on Ecovillage Design at Gaia Ashram in Isan, Thailand.

To understand the benefits and hardships of a vegetarian and vegan diet he went back to school to become a nutritionist. When settling down in Southeast Asia in 2013, he got obsessed with plastic-free living and experienced once more that a holistic approach is needed to connect the relevant dots and move beyond sustainability.

He envisions a female-led community that is united in its values and takes care for people, society and nature. His main driver is to achieve these values every day a little more by being as self-reliant as possible and following a low-impact and low-waste lifestyle.