Each and every human being has an effect on Mother Earth. We want to encourage, show ways and inspire to make a good personal impact on the environment.

Be part of the change. Be the change! Sounds big, but it’s easy! Have a look around you: you can start in your kitchen, your living room, your balcony, your bathroom, your wardrobe or your actions. Start making small steps. Start with something that is easy for you. This can be taking a bike instead of the car, check out your local markets instead of the supermarket, bring your own bag, turn off the lights when leaving a room. Sounds too easy? Make your own cleaning products and cosmetics. Find ways to reduce your waste, challenge yourself with a no-plastic week, go minimal with your wardrobe. Look for something that makes you feel good. Find friends who join you on your journey (even more fun).

This is the flow. It’ll guide you how to become active. You don’t have to move to an ecovillage and become a natural farmer (it’s awesome if you do, tho!) There are many ways how to give some love and energy to the Earth. Support your local farmers, be part in a transition town movement, establish a community garden in your neighborhood, share your experiences. Whatever is fun for you. You don’t feel the energy yet? Take a walk in the forest. Go see Mother Nature. She will nurture your flow to take action. Or read our following articles about lifestyle choices, about empowering yourself and forming your life.

We share examples how to change sustainably and actually give something back to nature. It is all about waste, energy, and efficiency. Find your personal and mindful way of consuming and explore the magic of having less. 

If you want us to dive into a specific lifestyle related topic or you want to share your thoughts on this blog just contact us. We’re more than happy to get your feedback and inspiration.

Once you become active in something, something happens to you. You get excited and suddenly you realize you count.
— Studs Terkel

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