flowful wants to inspire to find your very own natural awesomeness. It's a platform, a guidance and an attitude. It's your personal opportunity to go beyond sustainability.


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Join us on our journey beyond sustainability. We change our behaviors and our ways of living little by little and we are still learning new things everyday. We share what we've learned and experienced and we want to inspire you to find your very own natural awesomeness!

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Come with uswhen we meet all those wonderful people in the world who contribute in whatever way to a better world. We spot the theory of change behind projects, we share how to learn from mistakes and we are curious what keeps people motivated.

We want to motivate you to go further!


We’re happy that you made your way here. It doesn’t matter where you start. flowful wants to motivate you. It doesn’t matter where in life you are right now and where your interest comes from. You wanna live a more healthy lifestyle? Step into the flow! You feel stressed and are looking for a way to calm down? Step into the flow! You’re tired of all the plastic around you? Step into the flow!



Food matters. And it’s everywhere around us! Food fuels your body. Food is life! But it’s not only about what you eat; it’s also about where your food comes from. Food is much more than cooking and eating. Good food can combine the energy, love and joy of growing, harvesting, preserving, sharing and eating. There is so much about food. The best thing about it? You can choose (and it’s delicious)!


For us, well-being sets the foundation for a happy and fulfilled being and life. This includes emotional, physical, mental and psychological but also energetic and spiritual issues. Finding the balance can between body and mind as well as being connected and centered can be challenging in this fast changing world. Yoga, meditation and breathing already do a lot to balance. But there is more.


A low impact and sustainable lifestyle is fun! What we’re talking about? Let’s say it in the words of permaculture: this is all about the zone zero, the home itself, your center of activity. It’s about waste, energy and consumption. Why is that fun you’re asking? Because you can be creative, energetic and dirty. Starting in your home is also the easiest way to step into the flow that leads you to a lifestyle beyond sustainability. By the way, trees are helpful companions on that journey…

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