Flow is a smooth uninterrupted movement and a continuous transfer of energy.

This is exactly what we experience every day on our journey: everything is conntected and related to each other. Once you step into the flow you’ll feel, well, flowful. You feel the natural awesomeness!

You may wonder why we came up with something like flowful?

You may wonder why we came up with something like flowful. That’s reasonable. Let us tell you why. We both made a very smooth transition into the lifestyle we’re having now. And guess what, we’re still on a transition stage! Yes, we’re far from living beyond sustainability. But we’re aware of that and we’re happy that we’re on our way. Every day we make a tiny little step forward. May it be in our actions, in our mind or in our body. We just let it flow.

We’re happy that you made your way here.

It doesn’t matter where you start. flowful wants to motivate and inspire you. It doesn’t matter where in life you are right now and where your interest comes from. You wanna live a more healthy lifestyle? Step into the flow! You feel stressed and are looking for a way to calm down? Step into the flow! You’re tired of all the plastic around you? Step into the flow!

Let’s go beyond sustainability!

Our aim is to move beyond a sustainable lifestyle. We want to give some actions to our relationship with the Earth to make a change. flowful is our very personal start to take action and motivate you guys out there to have a look in that direction as well. It is so so so empowering to live a resilient life and experience all the abundance that Mother Earth offers! Talking of empowerment; isn’t it a great feeling if your decisions are equally good for you, the environment with its beings and all the human-beings around you? Let’s create a community of leadership!

Use your flow

In positive psychology (which is a super interesting scientific study, by the way), flow is a mental state of experience, a state of total concentration. In this state you are completely in control of what you are doing but it’s without any efforts. It is a completely natural control with an inherent clarity about what to do from one moment to the next. Do you know that feeling of a total involvement with life and being full of energy? Being completely creative, in harmony and in deep enjoyment?

Creating new worlds might not be such a serious business after all.
— Nicki Harré

The state of flow can occur in whatever activity: gardening, making music, painting, collecting, programming, organizing or even accounting. flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does. Use your passions and talents to start your journey. Turn your very own flow acitivity into something that helps you on your journey, furthers sustainability and tackles social or ecological issues. Take that challenge; flow is royally self-motivating. It’s your key to commitment! Let's go find it.