Flowful meets… all those wonderful people that make the world a little better every day.

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flowful meets… is a podcast that gives a platform to all those wonderful people, projects, organisations and enterprises out there that contribute in whatever way to better world. This can be about veganism, energy, consumption, permaculture or even community living or a zero waste lifestyle. The podcast talks about how easy it is to contribute to a change but doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges you have to face. On flowful meets… people share how to learn from mistakes and what keeps them motivated.

Flowful meets… spots the theory of change behind those projects. Starting from identifying the desired long-term goals, this podcast talks about what it needs to fill the gap between a particular situation and the vision of these very mindful, thoughtful, well… flowful projects.

Flowful meets… wants to inspire, spread knowledge, share experience and, yes, make the world a little better.



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