Food is an essential part of our everyday life

We start the day with breakfast; have a lunch break in between and we usually end our day with dinner. We meet friends in restaurants. We have snacks in meetings. Food is everywhere around us! It is culture, family and a social issue. A balanced and varied diet has not only a great impact on physical and mental fitness but also on your overall well-being. Everybody knows! But how can we implement healthy food in our diet? And what is healthy?

Contrary to this trend, the number of obesity, food allergies and food-related diseases increase every year. People are spending less and less time in the kitchen and convenience food is getting more and more popular. The food we call convenient is normally highly processed, added with fat, sugar and salt and wrapped in plastic to make the taste consistent no matter where you are buying it. When food is culture and has such an importance for us, why don’t we feed our bodies with food that is full of love, soul and character?

Food matters, and every food choise you made has an impact on how our food in the future will be produced. At the moment we actually have only a few to say about our food quality and where it is coming from. Do we want to experience the power of growing our own clean food? Alternative ways, such as Communicty Supported Agriculture (CSA) and small scale organic farms are popping up in some parts of the world where as in others the small scale farms are still in the majority but unfortunatley switched form organic towards chemical agriculture. In order to achieve food democracy and feed everyone with abundance of ogranic fruits and vegetables more alternatives and new ways of farming need to be explored.

In the following articles we will share about our experience and present portrais of pionere project in the field of food production, food preservation, cooking and showcasing new ways of producer-consumer relationship.

Great food isn’t created only in the kitchen. And it isn’t enjoyed only when it’s eaten. Great food comes from somewhere else – somewhere deeper.
— Yaowadee Chookong

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