Ep.13 - flowful meets... Brown's Field - Macrobiotics & Natural Farming in Japan

In this episode of flowful meets… we talk to Junko Kobayashi, a member of Brown’s Field in Japan. Brown’s Field is an organic farm, a vegan café, a shop and accommodation but also has a huge educational component.

Junko lives and works at Brown’s Field that is located just 80km from Tokyo for almost two years now. Growing up in an international environment and travelling around the world for a while, she felt like it is time for her to go back to Japan to connect with her own heritage and culture, came back to Japan and found Brown’s Field.

Ep.12 - flowful meets... flowful - A journey beyond sustainability

Ep.12 - flowful meets... flowful - A journey beyond sustainability

This is the 12th episode of flowful meets… Reason enough to talk to ourselves about our journey beyond sustainability and what we’ve learned during the last 1,5 years with flowful. Time to reflect on our approach to contribute to a better world; from the beginning, to our first steps towards a life beyond sustainability and our theory of change.